What’s Sex got to do with…Chris Hemsworth

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture of Chris Hemsworth may be worth a little more these days. Chris Hemsworth was recently named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2014. This special edition of the magazine acts as a pamphlet for Hollywood’s most attractive men of the given year. While to some this appears to just another People Magazine cover featuring an attractive individual with a good story, the Sexiest Person Alive Edition is in fact a sex driven advertisement for the magazine because the publishers know SEX SELLS.

It is no secret that in advertisement, sexual appeal is the most enticing way to bring in customers. More often than not print ads and commercials will feature scantily clad women in exotic locations or doing adventurous things as a way of capturing men’s attention by drawing them into the beauty of the women, and by exploiting women’s desires to resemble the women in the commercials. People Magazine has successful used this tactic to increase sales in an industry that is seeing great decline in sales.

These photos alongside the article providing information about Chris Hemsworth are intended to appeal to woman and encourage them to purchase the magazine since the full list is not attainable online. However, women in general do not respond to sexual imagery in the same way men do and recognize the difference between a tasteful image and sexual exploitation. Men on the other hand see less of an issue with sexual exploitation when it involves woman but do not like to be compared to images such as the one above. How then can the marketing world utilize sexual imagery in a way that is both appealing to look at and powerful for both men and women?

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