What’s Sex Got to do With.. Double Standards (FINAL POST)

A double standard is “a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups” (dictionary.com). I completely hate that there is a double standard especially when it comes to genders. Excuse my language but it is bullshit knowing that guys can do one thing and when girls then do it they get scolded or shamed. For our group project, my partners and I looked at gender double standards and there are a good amount. Clearly most people know about the double standards against women more than they do men.

One double standard I want to touch on that we talked about in our presentation is sexual activity. Men get praise for sleeping with many girls while women get called “sluts” and “whores”. This article touches on this double standard and how women are dealing with sexual subjectivity. “The concept of ‘sexual subjectivity’ has recently been developed in relation to adolescent women’s sexuality and its development. Sexual subjectivity means having a sense of oneself as a sexual person who is entitled to have sexual feelings and to make active decisions about sexual behavior” (NSS 155). The definition totally explains what should be going on these women should have sense of their sexual self and be able to act on it without being judged by society.

I know somebody else pointed this out but it still has me confused. In Bogle’s book, Hooking Up she has a chapter on double standards and defining what a “slut” is. But what I don’t understand is the fact that she only asked men these questions. Last time I checked it’s partially women’s fault too because they will call women who sleep with multiple guys “sluts” and “whores”. So I believe Bogle should have interviewed both men and women to see how they would define these things. On top of that I would consider Bogle’s argument/points on the weaker side due to the fact that she is only asking people from one university. The fact is that she should have asked multiple universities around the country because answers could be based on region, religion, and race so I feel she did account for that so her information could be a little skewed.

But one thing that shocks/amazes/upsets me is the fact that their has been a gender double standard for decades and I do not see any advances to change this. I believe it may start with not calling each other these vulgar/not positive names and stick up for these women who are being called these names by both men and women. I truthfully feel regardless how hard we work to make a change that there will always be a double standard which I hate to say because I really wish their was not. But it could be compared to racism regardless all we have done to remove racism acts, talk, and etc there are still many racist people out there. The reason for this is the fact that these individuals do not want to change and they are growing up watching this when they are younger so they think its alright and mock it. Thats how I think it is with the gender double standard. Since it has been around such a long time change is hard and these people aren’t individually taking accountability to make a change. Hopefully one day we can find a way to eliminate some of these double standards so that our kids and our grandkids can live a life not worried about if they are being judged or being called a “slut” or “whore” if they are a women experimenting with their sexual subjectivity.

One thought on “What’s Sex Got to do With.. Double Standards (FINAL POST)

  1. I really enjoyed this piece. I wrote my final concept analysis on feminism and touched upon how the double standard that exists in this society can stem from gender inequality. I appreciate your observation of how name calling and shaming still occur for women that act in ways similar to men that do not receive this type of reaction. I feel also, that not much significant change has occurred in this type of double standard or treatment of women, however I feel it has progressed from centuries past. I agree with your reference to the generational effect and how passing on these habits to future generations may be the reason for the lack of substantial change in this double standard.


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