What’s Sex Got to do with … Kim Kardashian

To many people, sex has everything to do with Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian rose to fame after her sex tape with R&B singer/her then boyfriend Ray-J was leaked.Many people have doubts about whether or not the sex tape was leaked or if it was purposefully sold. At the time, Kim’s father was a respected, well-known lawyer. Of course the media attacked Kim Kardashian’s character after the release of her sex tape. As a result of all the attention Kim and her family gained from this scandal, they landed a reality show on E! titled Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Now, Kim Kardashian is back in the spotlight because of a photo shoot Kim Kardashianwith Paper Magazine in which she “broke the internet” by posing for a nude photo shoot. Now, Kim Kardashian is married to rapper Kanye West and has a one year old daughter. Needless to say, critics are going crazy and slamming once again, but this time it is even worse. Because it is expected that married women should act a certain kind of way, many critics have tried to assassinate her character as a wife; I think this is feeding into the notion of sexual objectification. In so many words, society is telling Kim Kardashian that her body should not be displayed for the world to see because it belongs to her husband. Not only has the media slain her identity as a wife, they are assassinating her character as a mother. Mothers should be respectable and docile. To many, Kim Kardashian is far from that; many people think that she is setting a bad example for her daughter to follow.

However, I beg to differ. Though I do not agree with everything Kim Kardashian has done, I do think that it takes a brave woman to take control of her own sexual identity. Even after the slut-shaming from her sex tape, which was supposed to force her to “learn her lesson” Kim Kardashian continued to embrace her sexual agency and her sexual subjectivity. She would most definitely be considered a deviation from the societal norms. I think it is very interesting how she has not let her identities as a mother and a wife affect her sexual identity. Supporters of Kim Kardashian have tried to place a “feminist” identity on her which is supposed to be the ultimate honor; Kim Kardashian has refused to accept the term. While I do not know her motives behind doing so, I think that in a world where a woman’s worth is typically determined by her husband, it is amazing to have women who do not require the validation of any one or any entity in order to exist.

Do you think that this is an issue of morality more so than sexual regulation? If so, how would Kim Kardashian embracing her sexual agency in a “morally correct fashion” look?


One thought on “What’s Sex Got to do with … Kim Kardashian

  1. You are not what you have done sexually. This, unfortunately, is not the case (or should I say kase?) for Kim. She is known for her body and her sex tape. That’s how she is seen and portrayed in the media. However, she also has a clothing line. Does charity events. Has a family. Do people care about this? Nah, not really; it’s not as interesting as the discussion on whether or not her butt is natural. I respect Kim’s ability to ignore the public reaction. She embraces her sexuality by dressing how she wants and dating whomever she wants. I don’t know if “morally correct fashion” is the correct term, as everyone’s morals are different, but I think she is doing just fine as is. She should continue to be herself.


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