Whats Sex got to do with…Revenge

In the ABC Television series “Revenge”, Emily Thorne represents an empowered woman on a mission to get revenge on the individuals who wrongfully put her father behind bars. Emily spent years training physically and emotionally for her “mission” and plans to destroy anyone in her path. She is capable of beating up full grown men and outsmarting any of her superiors. She is vengeful and merciless and nothing can stand in her way to discover her father’s innocence. She even goes as far as to seduce her largest nemeses’ son to infiltrate the family. In spite of the thrilling plot line and strong female lead, the show “Revenge” makes a misstep by given Emily one weakness; particular men in her life.

While she seems fairly invincible but ha one weak spot- her childhood love, Jack Porter. The dynamic between the two suggests that Emily does in fact have emotions and can be defeated if her love comes into play. I had hoped that the downfall of Emily would result in a feeling of remorse for the cruelty she impacts on others, or for a new wave of forgiveness previously forgotten. While I admire the show’s strong focus on female dominance, the kryptonite of a strong woman was still a man, feeding into the heteronormative style of television dramas.

Do you think Revenge has a positive outlook on the abilities of women to overcome obstacles, or is Emily’s childhood look too distracting and a negative feature of her character?


One thought on “Whats Sex got to do with…Revenge

  1. I love how you related sex the revenge in the post. For one, many sexual acts are done for the main purpose of revenge from your cheating ex boyfriend. Also, revenge shows that the person acting on revenge hasn’t gotten over the other person yet. This struggle can lead to abuse. This is why i think revenge and sex is a very dangerous thing.


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