What’s sex got to do with…rules? A final reflection.

No getting feelings. No having breakfast the morning after. No getting attached. Seriously, who came up with these rules?

It seems like the rules of hooking up are just ingrained in the minds of young adults in college.  Of course, these rules are the creation of society.  The rules of hooking up are what determines who is or what determines promiscuity or who is too emotional of a person.  My biggest question, though, is whether or not our society is content with having things continue to be the way that they are.

It is not likely that college students especially want to continue to have these meaningless and 100% carnal interactions with someone else their attracted to. It is human nature to form intimate connections with one another and keeping things physical just creates an emotional void.  More times than not if you ask a college student who mostly participates in casual hook-ups whether or not they are lonely, they will most likely say yes, or with a lot of self-reflection will come to the realization.  Despite being surrounded by beautiful people and having physical interactions on a daily basis, the lack of emotional connection can take its toll even on the most emotionless frat brother. In fact, I would not be surprised if people said that after each meaningless hook-up, they feel more empty inside than ever. The rule that surrounds this is that being college students, casual hooking up is just what we do. It just happens.

There will be people who claim that we are young and do not need to settle down right away.  Yes, they are right, but that doesn’t mean getting to know someone of the gender(s) you’re attracted to will detract from the college experience of owning your sexuality.  One of the most important (and inane) rules of hooking up is not get emotions.  But when is liking someone a bad thing? Sure being seen as emotional or “clingy” seems to be bad, but at the root of it you’re just being human.  You have emotions; you’re probably clingy because you happened to make a connection to someone other than just physically.  It may be seen as a turn-off if the person you’re hooking up with becomes attached, but you should also be flattered because they obviously see more to you than just your physical appearance.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe college students just think hooking up is convenient.  But think about whether or not you are really happy with just hooking up.  I am not saying go and find your soulmate or get married right now, but question why you handle certain situations the way that you do and whether or not they seem rational.

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