What’s sex got to do with…sexting?

Naked pictures, Snapchat, Tinder.  Maybe the shift from dating to hooking up is the cause.  Or maybe teenagers are getting bolder.  But the fact is, sexting is becoming as popular as ever, and it’s not limited to teens.

Sexting could be sending naked pictures via text message, or it could be talking dirty to someone.  It seems that guys are always asking for pictures, and sometimes it’s the other way around.  Regardless of how it happens, sexting is just as large of a part in collegiate hook up culture as the actually hooking up is.

You meet someone at a bar or at a frat party, and maybe you don’t go home with them, but you exchange numbers.  The casual “hey how are you” or “what’s up” quickly becomes a “send me pics” or “snapchat me *winky face*.”  You may send a seemingly innocent picture, but some sweet talk and coaxing you send something a little more provocative.  There is the slight hope that the person you send the pictures to will become more than just physically interested in you, but you know deep down that they just want to see you naked.

The following most likely resonants with a lot of college-aged students, and has become widely accepted as an normal interaction between two people are interested in hooking up with one another.  Along with hooking up comes a plethora of inane rules that surround sexting.  Never show your face in the pictures. (That’s actually smart.) Only do it at night. No screenshotting. There are also a lot of rules that are broken, and the private conversation you had with someone has now been seen by all his/her friends.  In fact, those friends may have even seen your private pictures.  I know for myself I question the mere existence of sexting, and why it just becomes normal in casual or serious relationships.

What are your thoughts on sexting? Do you hate it, or do you partake in it frequently? Or maybe you are just indifferent to how it’s becomes a part of our hook up culture?

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