What’s Sex Have To Do With.. One Tree Hill?

In Bogle’s novel, Hooking Up, she mentions how the hooking up script has evolved overtime and is very prevalent in the college scene. She explains in college the idea of freedom and the availability of alcohol contribute to the normalized hook up script that takes place among most college students. This then seems to die off once students graduate and are no longer in this setting and enter the real world with professional jobs. One Tree Hill is a show that has a range in characters that both challenge and perpetuate these findings Bogle presents in Hooking Up.


Brooke Davis is a character that participates in hook up culture starting early in high school. It is well known that at the beginning of the show she is the most promiscuous of the characters and tends to sleep around with many boys with out facing any regrets. In one instance she even has a drunken hook up with her best friends boy friend that involved a camera leading to a sex tape. In this way hook up culture for her is prevalent in high school, as she does not attend college. She does, however, display Bogle’s idea that hooking up discontinues after college. Brooke takes her job very seriously as a fashion designer and no longer is a party girl that continually hooks up with different men. Peyton is a character that never actively contributed to the hook up script whether in high school or after graduation. She was intimate with her boyfriends and typically waited to have sex with them because it was special to her and she wanted it to really mean something. While Brooke actively hooked up with men and changed ideals in her professional life, Peyton never included hooking up meaninglessly in the lifestyle that she led.


Are these representations of characters true to what high school, college, and postgraduate students are like? Or has this show along with other media outlets misrepresented hook up culture the way it truly exists in society? It seems most television shows have this same portrayal, are they inaccurate also or are Bogle’s findings an incorrect depiction of people’s sexual scripts?

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