Buttrick Hall 137

Bio: Rebecca Chapman is Lecturer in English and Women's and Gender Studies. She returns to Vanderbilt, where she received her Ph.D. in English with a graduate certificate in Gender Studies, after an appointment as Assistant Professor of English and Director of the University Writing Studio at Holy Names University. Her research and teaching center on three primary interests---media change, the politics of representation, and queer theories of social subjectivity---and she works often with the figure, literature, and mythology of Shakespeare as a potent site wherein these interests converge. She is author of articles in the Shakespeare International Yearbook, Borrowers and Lenders: A Journal of Shakespeare Adaptation, Shakespeare: From the Globe to the Global, and the Cambridge World Shakespeare Encyclopedia. Currently she is finishing a manuscript entitled Rehabilitating Shakespeare: Queer Theory and Cultural Appropriation, in which she examines how the intrinsic value associated with Shakespeare turns into immediate use-value in the sometimes troubling rehabilitation of socially marginalized subjects such as inmates, sex workers, war refugees, and those living in poverty. Dr. Chapman has taught poetry workshops and literature classes in women's and men's prisons and in local community centers; undergraduate courses in Shakespeare and Shakespeare on film, epic literature, composition studies, literary theory, Milton, and genre; and graduate courses in Shakespeare and theory, the history of rhetoric, and the social politics of dramatic literature.

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