Reflection on Concept Analyses

Throughout our class this semester I have learned more about sex and situations in what happens in our society more than I ever have in my lifetime! I have taken a lot of stuff into consideration and have used a lot of stuff and concepts that I have learned about to help my friends and me with stuff in our lives. The concept that really struck me the most was Sexual Assault. For being a sophomore in college today, you examine or even experience these types of situations a lot throughout your college experience. After doing an Op-Ed piece, annotate the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, and having women come to our class about sexual assault I have found that this subject is by far the most interesting concept. This subject influences me to learn even more about because since I am attending college right now I want be aware and to try my best to prevent sexual assaults to occur at Vanderbilt.

Some things that I have learned throughout this semester are that sexual assault can happen to anyone, male or female. Sexual assault is so common and is defined as any sexual act that is forced onto you without your consent. It can be brought upon with force, restraint, physical violence, intimidation, or verbal threat. This could be as simple as someone touching a person who does not give permission to do it. Or in other cases rape which is involving sexual intercourse. Sexual assault is a traumatic event that can cause extreme psychological problems with the victim.

Also some way to prevent and stay away from sexual assault is first just avoiding dangerous situations. Most sexual assaults involve alcohol so if students understand alcohol could put you in situations that are dangerous they should be careful in how much them consume. If students do not feel comfortable in the scene there is no point of trying to even stick around any longer. There are many sources that are provided at universities but only if students are not scared of taking advantage of them. I know I was aware at Vanderbilt that Project Safe offers resources to students about sexual assault. Vanderbilt does the organization of Green Dot to alert and inform students about these serious common issues. There has been computer online testing’s for students so they can learn more about sexual assault and also Vanderbilt has provided more security throughout campus to try to decrease violence within the campus. You hear some many innocents throughout the year about sexual assault issues that occur throughout college. According to Sarah. Lawrence, in college at least 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted during her academic career and at least 50% sexual assaults were college students are associated with. ( After hearing all these facts and statistics I find it fascinating to keep learning about sexual assaults on campus and help try to prevent it. I believe if I tell people and publicize how serious sexual assault is or even creating posters than maybe here at Vanderbilt people will be aware of their actions. Overall I have learned a lot in this class as a whole and enjoyed every minute of it because I got speak my voice and learned more than I ever have about situations that I have always wondered about. I am so glad I took this course because it made me take these situations to the real world.


Sarah Lawrence <

Rape in the Fields

After watching the documentary Rape in the Fields over again, it really struck me how serious sexually assault is to our society in these fields and in the work place because no one would ever expect that this is happening. This is a story about immigrant women who say they have and are being sexually assaulted in the American fields and packing plants. These situations are under the radar and our society needs to be more aware of these types of situations that are taking place. Women go through this abuse just to keep a job and to get food on the table.


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What does sex have to do with college?

All students’ want is to be safe while attending college. After hearing that one in five women are being sexually assaulted during their college years and every 6.2 minutes, one in five women are raped in her lifetime it scares females attending college (Solnit 2013). Their families try to put them in the best situation and university, so they can prevent this from happening to their child. University try to do all they can to prevent these situations from erupting. In the end do students still feel safe in the college environment?

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What does sex have to do with women on Sport Magazines?

Media separates each other’s strategies when women and men’s sports are involved. Today women athletes are represented poorly and are profiled by the media, which will do whatever it takes to grab people’s attention and to make a profit. Female athletes are being portrayed sexually both through text and through photos. Ever since sports started, males have taken power and credit through the games, making them get the main focus since men are the largest consumers of it. When female athletes are represented through media, are they represented through there sexuality rather than their athletic ability?  Continue reading

Project Safe Center

On November 17th, Cara Bell, and Wanda Swam came and spoke in our Sex and Society class. Cara Bell serves as the Associate Director for Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity at Vanderbilt University. Wanda Swan is a prevention educator and victim resource specialist within the Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center. The reason they talked to us is to let us all know that there are resources on campus to get help or information if students ever are sexual assaulted. These two ladies are trying to expand safety not only at Vanderbilt University but also throughout the country.

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Doula During Childbirth


On October 20, 2014 Merril Durham came into our class and talked to all of us about childbirth. So why does childbirth matter? It matters because we all were born. Merril has a one year old child and thought it was the coolest experience she has ever went through. For about an hour Merril talked and presented what to expect when that time comes.

Merril is a doula, which she refers it to as “Keeper of the Space”. The word comes from the ancient Greek meaning female bondservant. It was coined in 1970 and was first used by DONA. A doula provides continuous physical, emotional, and intellectual support for a mother before during and after childbirth. Now after you here that it might sound like a midwife . A midwife is the mother’s care provider and a doula provides physical and emotional support during childbirth and gives the mother tools and knowledge they need to make informed decisions during childbirth. A doula is not a medical profession but more is a supporter during and after birth. “Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily” (DONA). Doula understands the physiology of birth and emotional needs of a woman in labor and is there for the mother to do as she says, for her best interest. Merril as a doula tells us her experience that she has gone through and what she hears and sees throughout childbirth. The pictures below show her doing her job as a doula and also after she had birth herself having her first daughter.

Having experienced birth she was excited to share her experience with others so they could empower birth. She became a doula because she witnessed her best friends home birth and it changed her life forever. It made her realize how normal and natural birth can be. After that Merril took two years learning all he needed to become a doula. Empowering birth is the way to go and noticing your body will take care of it all. Having a birth doula gives a lot of support, encouragement and reassurance and helps achieve a beautiful birth experience.


One thing that Merril talks about is elements portrayed in media about childbirth. Media gives a image and noises that sound and look like the women are in fear, pain, danger or the graphics are gross. However birth is inherently non of these characteristics. Merril put up a quote up from Alice Projansky talk about the birth culture. “We have ideas about what women’s bodies are for and it’s not this,” she said about American views on birth. “You see a woman naked but her body is performing functions that are intense. Our culture has a weird thing about images of women’s bodies doing this kind of physical work that isn’t young and sexy; birth has elements of struggle, power, transformation and mortality that don’t fit with our ideas about women’s bodies: they’re ok to look at when they’re sexy but when they’re working it’s something else. Birth is uncontrolled and that freaks us out.”

Our society has a tough time looking at childbirth and fears tocophobia, which is the fear of pregnancy and childbirth, has common fears such as poopin, tearing, blood, pain, nudity, not having control, or even death leading into pregnancy. Their should be no fear in pregnancy it is a natural event.

Childbirth has changed in many ways due to all the resources and technology we have these days. In 1900 only 5% of births were done in hospitals, in 1940- 50% were done in hospitals, 1960 there were 97% done in hospitals and as of today 98.5% of births are done in hospitals. Also as of today the average vaginal delivery is $20,000 and the average C-section is $30,000. Today homebirths are becoming a little more popular having it only cost $3500 for birth. Merril talked about her homebirth that she had and she was in labor for three days and her nurse told her if she wasn’t having her baby in the next six hours she will have to go to the hospital and give birth their and when she finally relaxed and realized that her body will do the job of having the baby, her daughter finally came out of her and it was the coolest most memorable experience Merril has ever had. It was awesome to hear all of Merril stories including her own. I got the chance to speak to her after class and was so nice to answer all my questions and handed me her card telling me if I had anymore question that she would be honored to answer. You could contact her on if you have any questions. After reading this would you consider Merril Durham as a doula of your own someday? The picture below shows why overall why you should hire a doula if you need one.






Spotlight on The Women’s Center

Bekah and Darrius spotlight the Women’s Center (and interviewed Alex Hollidfild):

pic 1

The Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center is a campus resource centered that deals with issues related to gender, health relationships, pregnancies, body image, eating disorders, disorder eating, women leadership, sexual help. The picture below shows the outside of the house.

pic 2

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