What’s Sex Got to do With…Sexual Subjectivity? (Last post)

To me, sexual subjectivity is one of the most important concepts we covered all semester. Society, in these times, can be such an oppressive and burdening weight but there is something everyone can do. As an oppressed people, they can keep their head held high and let society know that they will not be held down. Nothing will make an attacker madder than pretending like you are too high to be brought down. Sexual Subjectivity changed my way of thinking. Every time I feel just downright shitty about myself I think, “This is what society wants you to think. This is what they need to survive.” I am very privileged to be a cisgender, mainly white female from a middle class family. I am happy to say I live a pretty comfortable life, and whenever I am just down on myself I remember all the women who died for feminism, who have gone through Hell and back just to make sure that I am treated like a human being. Whenever I feel like life isn’t fair I think about the girls who were stolen from their mothers and sold into the sex trade, the women who came to America for an opportunity and instead received harassment from their employers. I did not asked to be born into this chaotic world, but I was so I will do the best with it. I will walk of fame down the street still wearing last night’s outfit , lipstick smudged and eyeliner running down my face. And I will smile in the face of everyone who raises their eyebrows at me. They will lash out, they will call you names but this is only because they are losing you. They can feel their insults bounce off and they will see the cloud of self confidence surrounding you, and then society will know that it is too late, they have lost. Kill them with yeses, smile in their face and let them know that you will not be brought down. I will be proud of who I am, and every action I make because there were women who gave their entire life to make sure that I am able to do this. I will be proud of who I decide to be, and I will be proud of who everyone else decides to be. Because your gender (biological or spiritual), sexual orientation, or identity doesn’t dictate how you should be treated. You should be treated based on the values you have and how you treat other people. So be confident in who you are, because if a man can do it and not be ridiculed then you can too. But please remember men are not the enemy, society is. And I dream of the day I can walk down the street and see happiness and subjectivity on every corner. I wish when I have a daughter she will know that she is safe to do whatever her dreams desire.

What’s Sex Got to do With…Children’s Movies

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Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks…we’ve all sat through countless kid’s movies (sometimes by ourselves). And sometimes we enjoy the little more than PG jokes they put in to go over the kids’ heads. But children’s movies are still very lacking in their diversity (we just got a black Disney princess within the last 5 years). And when it comes to portraying LGBTQI identities, some parents say it’s too “inappropriate” to show to young kids…but is that just an excuse?

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Fraternities have proven to be dangerous, so why are we not doing anything about it?

We’ve all probably been to at least one frat party in our lives. If anyone ever wanted to learn about hookup culture all they would have to do is visit Greek Row on a Friday night. Frats are the sixth worst insurance liability, behind asbestos companies, so why are college campuses not addressing frats when talking about sexual assault? Continue reading

Why Shia LaBeouf’s Story is Important

Image and video hosting by TinyPicVery recently, Shia LaBeouf came out with an accusation that he was raped while participating in an art project. In the project, Shia was silent for five days while he sat in a room and allowed to come in and out to sit with him. He could not speak or communicate(he even slept at the gallery to insure he did not contact anyone), and unfortunately he was taken advantage of. A woman, whose boyfriend was outside the door, sat in the room with Shia and whipped his legs for ten minutes. After, she took all of his clothes off and raped him. Continue reading