What’s Sex Got To Do With… Boy Bands?

Young girls feed off of boy bands. It’s like their afternoon snack — a hot pepper with a side of sweet chocolate milk. Okay, that sounds gross, but you know what I mean: they’re simultaneously attractive and nice. So, why do people frown upon fangirls?


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What’s Sex Got To Do With… Heteronormativity? (Final Concept Analysis)

I was exposed to the gay community at a young age. My mother’s boyfriend – Stuart – lives in a very old neighborhood in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, called Wilton Manors. This neighborhood (somewhat) recently became a “gay neighborhood”; each house has a vibrant rainbow flag patriotically hanging from the exterior and same-sex couples are constantly walking and biking around town, exchanging smiles with everyone they pass. I was exposed to this community and environment when I was in elementary school. Luckily, I grew up with the idea that non-hetero couples were just as equal as hetero couples.

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Please Get Parent’s Permission Before Logging On

I’m just going to put it out there: you shouldn’t care what other people do or try to control their lives. It’s just going to be disastrous. Although this problem is common amongst teens in high school and college, it applies to parents as well.

Tightening the reins on your children doesn’t always make them better people. More often than not, it’ll cause the children to become more rebellious and more likely to break the rules you so gently (read: obnoxiously) laid out on the table. Being a responsible adult entails setting up rules and regulations — it does not mean you should be a dictator over your child or children.

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Sex in Literature

When I read, I submerge myself into a book. I live vicariously through the characters and use their mistakes to learn lessons of my own. I adopt the character’s personalities in hopes of finding mine. I use books to learn.

When books have characters that succumb to gender and societal norms, what does that teach the reader? Should the reader adopt these norms, too? Or should they realize that they are detrimental to society and learn to avoid them? This depends on the style of the book and it’s designated audience. This problem is common amongst young adult novels and adult novels.

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Texting vs. Calling: What’s the Difference?

Sally: Justin and I hooked up last night!

Betsy: OMG no way!! R u guys a thing now? 

Sally: Idk, he didn’t say anything, but I think he wants to hang out again. 

Betsy: Yeah, u guys are probably gonna start talking.

Sally: I hope so! 

With the increased use of technology, relationships have gone completely digital; we try to decipher texts, swipe left and right on Tinder, and casually check our crush’s relationship status on Facebook while attempting to avoid judgment from our friends (you know you do this). We form relationships on a database rather than in a diner. Our generation’s views on relationships are less traditional than those from the early 1900’s.

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