Proper Condom Use

What do you use condoms for?  Do you use them to prevent pregnant? Prevent STDs/STIs?  Do you ever think that condoms interfere with the pleasure of having sex?  Do they ruin the romance of sex?

Peter Chua’s article Condoms in the Global Economy help us understand condom use by focusing on the use of condom among different groups.  Especially town particular, at risk, groups, such as gay mean and young women.  Researchers have sought to understand the social factors that prevent condom use; this includes the study of the role that education and public information that is available.  With this public and private agencies can minimize unwanted pregnancies and disease (509).

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The Important Porn

In this class, we have discussed at length the ways in which sex is often viewed as a commodity. It is advertised and sold in a variety of ways across the globe, and its meanings are different as interpreted by different groups of people.  One way that we can analyze the forms that sex is sold in is by looking more closely at the industries that operate around sexualizing human beings.  One of the main industries that does this is the porn industry.  Chris Pappas writes an article, “Sex Sells, But What Else Does It Do?: The American Porn Industry” that informs us of the ways in which porn is representative of a whole host of characteristics and interpretations of sex.

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What’s Sex Got to do with … Kim Kardashian

To many people, sex has everything to do with Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian rose to fame after her sex tape Continue reading