Unconventional Means of Capital on a Domestic and Global Level

When you think of “capital” what comes to mind? Green? The O’Jay’s hit “For the Love of Money” that was the theme song for The Celebrity Apprentice? Or perhaps you think back to your glory board-game-playing days in which you dominated monopoly every time. When we think of capital we tend to think in terms of dollar bills and wealth. However, after finishing our global and transnational unit, it has become clear that wealth is not the only source of capital.

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What’s Sex Got to do With… Afghanistan?


Afghanistan, a country where most power and dominance is inhabited by men, is ranked one of the worst countries in the world to be born a female.  Afghan women who bear only female children are scorned and looked down upon.  To combat this inherent female disprivilege, women have started raising their female children as boys.  Yes, as boys.

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