(subject to change)

SCS=Social Constructions of Sexuality
NSS=Introducing the New Sexuality Studies

Check the Religious Calendar to see if class days conflict with religious observation & let Prof-C know

W 8/20: Introductions

F 8/22: Watch documentary film Let’s Talk about Sex (dir. James Houston, 2009); make sure to have your blog accounts and profiles completed–with a pic and bio. DUE: Arrive to class with EITHER a HARDCOPY 1-page double-spaced response to the film OR leave your response as a comment to Prof-C’s blog post about the film.

M 8/25: Seidman, “Introduction” (SCS vii-xiv); Seidman, “Theoretical Perspectives” (NSS 3-12); Kristen Barber, “Sex and Power” (NSS 45-48)

W 8/27: Cont. Seidman, “Theoretical Perspectives” (NSS 3-12); Kristen Barber, “Sex and Power” (NSS 45-48)

F 8/29: Nancy L. Fisher, “Purity and Pollution: Sex as a Moral Discourse” (NSS 38-44); documentary film This film is Not yet Been Rated; and watch clips from Miley Cyrus/Robyn Thicke 2013 VMAs performance (included under blog post entitled “What’s Sex Got to Do With…the VMAs?” posted on 8/26)


Week Three
M 9/1: EITHER read Interview w/Mimi Schippers, “Gender and Heterosexism in Rock-and-Roll” (NSS 148-152) and watch Almost Famous (dir. Cameron Crowe, 2000); OR read Thomas F. DeFrantz, “Wait… Hip Hop Sexualities” (NSS 384-89) and watch Hustle & Flow (dir. Craig Brewer, 2005)

W 9/3: Watch documentary film Sexy Baby (dir. Bauer & Gradus, 2012)—rent streaming here; Dennis D. Waskul, “Internet Sex: The Seductive ‘Freedom To’” (NSS 364-371); Sasha Belenky, “What I’m Reading: Sex, Teens, and Social Media”


F 9/5: Deborah L. Tolman, “Adolescent Girls’s Sexuality” (NSS 153-58); C. J. Pascoe, “’Guys are Just Homophobic’” (NSS 175-82); James. J. Dean, “Straight Men” (NSS 245-52); Nicole LaMarre, “Sexual Narrative of ‘Straight’ Women” (NSS 253-59)


Week Four
M 9/8: Sediman, “Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Politics in the United States” (SCS 55-79); Kristen G. Esterberg, “The Bisexual Menace Revisited” (NSS 278-84);  Kerwin Kaye, “Sexual Intercourse” (NSS 113-18)

W 9/10: Kimberly Taiches, “Transgendering: Challenging the ‘Normal’” (NSS 134-39); Interview w/Vivianne Namaste, “Transsexual, Transgnder, and Queer” (NSS 140-47); Ethan Zimmerman, “Transie” (from GenderQueer: Voices from Beyond the Sexual Binary); and watch clips from the documentary film Toilet Training (dir. Tara Mateik , 2003)

F 9/12: Carey Jean Sojka, “Partners of Transgender People” (NSS 236-242); Sharon E. Preves, “Unruly Bodies: Intersex Variations of Sexual Development” (NSS 127-33)


Week Five
M 9/15: Travis S. K. Kong, “Sexualizing Asian Male Bodies” (NSS 84-88); Numiko Nemato, “Interracial Romance: The Logic of Acceptance and Domination” (NSS 221-28); Justin Luc Hoy, “Secret Sex and the Down Low Brotherhood” (NSS 380-83)

W 9/17: Krista McQueeney, “Multiple Identities: Race, Class, and Gender in Lesbian and Gay Affirming Protestant Congregations” (NSS 293-99); Audre Lorde, “Poetry is Not a Luxury” (read transcript and listen to some of Elizabeth Alexander’s works); and bell hooks, “oppositional Gaze”

F 9/19: SPEAK OUT! panel discussion with Office of LGBTQI Life


Week Six
M 9/22: Erica Hunter, “Change and Continuity in American Marriage” (NSS 308-12); Elisabeth Sheff, “Polyamorous Women, Sexual Subjectivity, and Power”

W 9/24: Simon Hardy, “Anal Sex: Phallic and Other Meanings” (NSS 106-12) <–you have less reading this week so that you can finish your posts and begin reading 50 Shades of Grey, fyi!!)

F 9/26: Documentary film (A)Sexual (dir. Angela Tucker, 2011); bring to class a one-page hard copy response to one of the two topics: 1) response to Dan Savage’s commentary (in his interview included in the film) or 2) response to questions posed by the hosts of The View (there are multiple moments spliced throughout the film). Specifically, what myths or assumptions play out in the segment (either from The View or from Dan Savage)?


Week Seven
M 9/29: E. L. James, 50 Shades of Grey (read to completion); Darren Langdridge, “The Time of the Sadomasochist” (NSS 372-79); for a loving introduction to BDSM, read more here. And here are the discussion questions I distributed in class on 9/26. (Side note: for a fun reading game, count how many references you can find to Anastasia’s subconscious and “inner goddess”…)

W 10/1: E. L. James, 50 Shades of Grey

F 10/3: E. L. James, 50 Shades of Grey


TOPIC: Regulations
Week Eight

M 10/6: Juliet Richters, “Orgasm” (NSS 100-05); documentary film Orgasm, Inc. (dir. Liz Canner, 2009); come in with a hardcopy response to these discussion questions (which you will turn in after class)

W 10/8: “Introduction” to Feminist Porn Book- The Politics of Producing Pleasure; Chris Pappas, “Sex Sells, but What Else Does it Do?” (NSS 320-26)

F 10/10: Interview w/Elizabeth Bernstein, “The Political Economy of Sexual Labor” (NSS 313-19); watch documentary film Buying Sex (dir. Teresa McInnes, 2013). Come to class ready to discuss critically where you stand and why.


Week Nine
M 10/13: Meet inside the Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery in Cohen Memorial Hall to view and discuss the current exhibition by photographer Donna Ferrato entitled “I am Unbeatable,” which documents domestic violence from various angles, in order to address and challenge what the artist identifies as a climate of fear.

W 10/15: class canceled for one-to-one conferences–come in with complete outline for your op-ed piece; you can sign up for a conference time here.

F 10/17: Fall Break…which means NO CLAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!


Week Ten
M 10/20: Presentation by Ms. Merrill Durham, certified birth doula


TOPIC: Global and Transnational Sexualities

W 10/22: Part 11, “Global and Transnational Sexualities” (NSS 507-8); Peter Chua, “Condoms in the Global Economy” (NSS 509-13)

F 10/24: Interview w/Gloria Gonzales-Lopez, “Mexican Immigrants, Heterosexual Sex and Loving Relationships in the United States” (NSS 538-46)


Week Eleven
M 10/27: Dalia Abdelhady, “Gender, Sexuality, and the Lebanese Diaspora” (NSS 547-54); Hayeon Lee, “The Public and Hidden Sexualities of Filipina Women in Lebanon” (NSS 529-37)


TOPIC: Campus Culture
W 10/29: Eliza Gray, “The Sexual Assault Crisis on American Campuses” from Time Magazine (26 May 2014); Sign up for your one-to-one conference here, if you haven’t already.

F 10/31: “The Debate: How Should Colleges Campuses Handle Sexual Assault”? from Time Magazine (26 May 2014). Please read full articles on the national debate here–while you’re there, check out other posts on the blog

Week Twelve

M 11/3: Hooking Up, Ch. 1-3 (1-49)

W 11/5: Hooking Up, Ch. 4 (50-71) and Ch. 6 (96-127)

F 11/7: Hooking Up, Ch. 5 (72-95); discuss Final Project and Presentation (your entire group will meet with Dr. Chapman to conference your project proposal during the week of 11/18-11/21–you may sign up early for group conferences here)


Week Thirteen
M 11/10: Writing workshop: bring hard copy of op-ed piece to peer-review (don’t come to class without the hard copy of a 500-word draft to workshop; you won’t be able to participate in the day’s activity)

W 11/12: Hooking Up, Ch. 7 (128-157)

F 11/14: Vanderbilt Sexualities and the Campus Accountability and Safety Act (read and annotate bill completely to prepare for discussion); hard copy of op-ed assignment (draft, final, and inspirational piece) due in class–absolutely no late assignments accepted, so anticipate printer issues and other potential problems. Also, if you want to access the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (which is references in CASA 2014, you can access it here.)


Week Fourteen
M 11/17: Sexual assault, resources, and services at Vanderbilt–presentation from Project Safe; hard copy of group project proposals due in class, absolutely no late assignments accepted.

W 11/19: In-class debate: How Should Colleges Campuses Handle Sexual Assault”? It will be helpful to review the articles from Time Magazine (26 May 2014) here. Specifically, what does Vanderbilt need to do, in your opinion?

F 11/21: class canceled for group conferences–come in ready to discuss your final project with all of your group members. Sign up for conference times here.


Week Fifteen: Thanksgiving Holiday–no class


Week Sixteen
M 12/1: Presentations: Groups 1, 2, and 3

W 12/3: Presentations: Groups 5 and 6

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