What does sex have to do with college?

All students’ want is to be safe while attending college. After hearing that one in five women are being sexually assaulted during their college years and every 6.2 minutes, one in five women are raped in her lifetime it scares females attending college (Solnit 2013). Their families try to put them in the best situation and university, so they can prevent this from happening to their child. University try to do all they can to prevent these situations from erupting. In the end do students still feel safe in the college environment?

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Walk of Pride?

It’s November 1st. As I walk to breakfast, I see two cats, a schoolgirl, a pizza, and a firefighter. Wasn’t Halloween yesterday?

Though everyone knows these individuals are still in costume because they “shacked” or spent the night in someone else’s room, this walk of shame is taken lightly and even seen as humorous.

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