What Does Sex Have To Do With… Jay Alexander

Because “normal” in today’s society is based off such a limited spectrum, people are beginning to challenge the norms, especially the ones of sexuality, sex, and gender. The interrelations of sex, gender, and sexuality come into play when talking about transgendering and the queer nature. Transgendering addresses transsexuals, cross-dressers, and transgendered individuals, which are people whose gender does not match their original sex. Transgender people are people who feel as if their sex and gender are abnormal compared to societal norms. Cross-dresses are those who dress in clothes of the opposite sex, and. Transsexuals are people who have the goals of changing their sex. All of them intersect with sexuality.
This concept is the complete opposite of the down-low culture. With transgendering, men (and women alike) are openly expressive about their activities, sexualities, and “spoiled masculinities”, but in the down-low culture, men are reluctant to claim bisexuality or being gay because they feel as if their masculinity will diminish, and with that they become devalued and discriminated against. This ultimately brings up the question of whether sexual identities are defined in the action or in how someone feels emotionally.

By growing up in an area right outside of New Orleans, I have been exposed to “dragging” as an art form and purely that. Some drags take it seriously as a performance for modelling, beauty shows, and dancing and singing productions, and some take it as a serious lifestyle because that is how they would prefer to look on a day to day basis. The latter would be considered the ones who claim the transie lifestyle. Jay Alexander is one of the less dramatized drags in the most popular sector of the modelling industry. He demands to be called fabulous and is very open in his identity as a drag queen; however, he only dresses in drag for his performances. He is, indeed, gay with a son, but not all drags are homosexual, transgendered, or queer. This ties in with the down-low culture because drags who do not claim homosexuality, transgendering, or gay have the freedom to participate in cross-dressing, which to society is backwards because the mode of thinking is methodological. “If you do this… then you should be this.” It also ties into transgendering because the men or women participate in cross dressing, while ultimately wanting the ending of a sex change.
What makes a person’s sexual identity, actions or words ? Are there any other examples for connections?

Downlow Culture: A Necessary Evil?

What exactly is the “down low culture”?

According to an article published at the University of Southern California, down low culture is defined as a culture in which “Men who identify as “straight” but discreetly have sex with other men while
maintaining a sexual/emotional relationship with women. These men do not consider themselves to be gay, bisexual nor do they identify with such sexual labels. Female partners are unaware their men are having sex with other men,thus the term “downlow.”” Continue reading