Whats Sex Got To Do With… Frozen?


When one thinks of Disney movies it’s hard not to think of the classical princess and prince charming plot line associated with it. Disney never fails to present their audience with a great movie providing deep meanings, true love, and a good laugh. The newly released and critically raved movie, Frozen, by Disney has been criticized to be providing a different and more controversial message than previous films.

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What does Sex have do with… Flawless

On August 25, at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce herself sold the whole show due to her unforgettable performance. She took the viewers breath, emotions and their reactions were unforgettable. All the songs were had a purpose but the song that brought attention to the crowd and worldwide was “Flawless”, which was the turning point in the show when Beyonce makes an important feminist statement. Beyonce has been building up her feminist credentials for many years now and she made a statement worldwide due to feminist of her performance.

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What’s Sex Got To Do With… CHER?

Feminism: A controversial and yet somehow misunderstood concept in today’s society. Most of us agree that women should have a voice and should be treated as equally as their male counterparts. However, today, with the mainstream social media, pop culture, degradation of women, and sexual exploitation, women’s rights still seem to be suppressed.  Continue reading