What’s Sex got to do with….fraternities ?

Why is it such a big deal to be in a fraternity? For some, it’s about hanging out with a lot of people you may like or having a brotherhood that will last forever.  For others, the reason is that being in a fraternity will help them get more girls to have sex with.  For some reason college girls find an attraction with a guy being in a fraternity.  A frat guy has the appearance of liking to have a good time and show their girls a good time.  Events such as socials, date functions, and formals all turn out to be organized parties or gatherings that end with sex between the “couple” for the night.

Is being in a frat mean that you are socially accepted my most females and thus, able to hookup or have sex with?  Is sex more about someone’s social acceptance in college or about the actual act of sex?  Is it more about telling people who you had sex with and how it happened or about actually enjoying the experience?  I personally think that sex in college has turned into a competition between guys and other guys and between girls and other girls.  Fighting for who had sex with a better looking or more fun person.  Gone are the days that good sex is between a couple that has chemistry and understands the other persons body and their likes and dislikes.  With all the competition thats going on, how could one really even know what their partner wants when all the worry is about who your going to tell and how they are going to judge?  This game or battle is even more prevalent between fraternities to try and see which one is better.  Better is judged by the parties they throw and the girls that show up to them.  Said Sadiqa Thornton,” Sex doesn’t sell.  Erosion of female self esteem does.  The feeling of superiority over women does.  Turning women into “things” to be studied and judged and then calling it “sex” does. Sex doesn’t sell. Objectification does.”  This means that the judgement and the competition that was referred to earlier is what people are getting excited about now a days, not sex.

What’s Sex Got to Do With…Friends?

Friends, is one of the most played and replayed shows on TV and has some of America’s most loved characters. But what makes it so loved by everyone? It is because of how relatable the characters can be. The characters on Friends struggle with finding jobs, balancing relationships, and making money. They are a representation of life after college and being able to balance everything that comes your way. They exemplify the struggles that many young adults face in everyday life. Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Green, faces the complications of relationships because she had just fled her wedding and soon-to-be husband. She left him at the altar and pursued her single status once she moved in with Monica (Rachel’s best friend on the show). Rachel faced many challenges when she became single and it began when she started dating. Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe all slept with many of the men that they went on dates with, whether it was the first date or fifth.

The characters on Friends defy some of Kathleen A. Bogle’s points in her book Hooking Up by defying the sexual double standard. Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel feel free to sleep with whoever they want and their “promiscuity” is never called into question. This comes as part of the post-college life for these women because there are not classmates or the college campus to judge them of their acts. They have no outside influence determining their actions. The men in the show; Ross, Joey, and Chandler also sleep with many girls on the show. Neither gender comments on this because their sexual acts do not impact them in any way. Each gender accepts each other, so, Bogle’s double standard is not found to be the case on the show Friends. What do you think? Do you see Bogle’s double standard, or do you think the characters completely disregard it?


Spotlight on…Rape Agression Defense Systems of Self-Defense (RAD)

Women are directly or indirectly told, “Don’t get raped” on a daily basis. Various products like color changing nail polish, pepper spray, and tear resistant anti-rape clothing are sold to women under the assumption that it is their responsibility to not get raped and these products will aid in that pursuit. Unfortunately, most of these products are impractical, difficult to access, or very expensive. Additionally, none of these products work unless you buy and constantly use them. However one resource is available to women which cannot be misplaced and it is impossible to run out of: self-defense training.

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