What’s Sex Got to do With… Halloween?

October 31st is a day looked forward to from the time one is in elementary school to high school and even college and beyond, though for very different reasons. Although Halloween is the second most awaited “holiday” after Christmas, according to the Huffington Post, 67% of people don’t even know how it originated. Halloween started as “All Saints’ Eve” or “Allhalloween” as a celebration dedicated to remembering the dead including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers. However, it is a contested day because Christianity believes it to have pagan roots. In college, though, every weekend may seem like “Halloweekend” with slutty costumes, drinking alcohol to forget the “tough” week, and the hookup culture; along with its expectations, the weekend of October 31st is especially built up. These few nights where girls and guys get to dress up in whatever costume they want is often taken as an excuse to act however they want.

This week, I saw a yik yak stating, “I’m excited to not remember this weekend,” and because of all the hookup and rape culture we have been talking about in class, this yak really stuck with me. In the ambiguous definition of rape, there are blurred lines in what constitutes as consent when both parties have consumed alcohol and or drugs. Additionally with all the costumes, fun, and scariness associated with Halloween, also comes the expectations. For some reason which I have yet to comprehend, many girls and boys base the quality of their weekend on who or the “many who’s” they have hooked up with during the course of the three days. In terms of every holiday, I often hear girls say, “I have to find a super cute boy to hook up with because it’s Halloween (or ‘because it’s Christmastime’ or ‘because it’s Valentine’s day’).” Especially in terms of Halloween, the walk of shame Saturday or Sunday morning is one to remember due to the costumes worn from the night before and knowing with certainty what the individual was up to the night before. But my question is why is that considered something positive for the world to know you were sleeping or “not sleeping” at some guy or girls dorm?