Spotlight on… BURLESQUE

Burlesque is a style of dance that’s sometimes misunderstood. From the beginning of the class, which started in late August, I was told that Burlesque is ‘pole dancing without the pole’. That’s simply not true. It’s much more than that. We aren’t like the movies. We don’t perform at some dark, smoky lounge in sequined corsets and feathered headdresses. We don’t dress in French maid costumes. We go, we dance, we have fun.  Continue reading

Here Come the Gays..

Since we live in a very straight-forward, structured society where right is right and anything else is taboo, anal sex seems to be a reoccurring loop hole. From the article “Anal Sex: Phallic and Other Meanings” by Simon Hardy, we can understand how society constructs and deconstructs what types of anal sex, if any, are socially acceptable and how anal sex is used in general.

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