Sexual Agency and Experimentation

Deborah Tolman’s Adolescent Girls’ Sexuality brings to light the idea of sexual subjectivity, or a young woman’s sense of self as a sexual person who is entitled to have sexual feelings and make active decisions about sexual behavior. Being sexual subjects requires young ladies to have more agency with their sexuality–to be active agents in the choices they are making. It also requires that these young women have sexual well-being, including sexual and reproductive health, comfort with one’s body, feelings and desires, and awareness of and having the freedom to act upon sexual desires.

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Final Concept Analysis: Binaries and Stereotypes

This Sex and Society course has taught me about extremely important issues, mentalities, and trends regarding sex and its connection to society. I believe that the societal construction of binaries and stereotypes is the most important concept because it crosses all sexual boundaries and has a major impact on groups in society. We learned that society often creates binaries to categorize certain groups and apply stereotypes to these groups. Binaries allow people to easily apply certain stereotypes and narrow-minded opinions to groups of people, and this often leads to discrimination or systems of hierarchy. Ever since I learned about this concept, I have seen it reoccur constantly in readings and discussion. It seems that it is almost human nature to mentally categorize certain groups as one and the same, leaving little opportunity for the genuine acceptance of authentic and distinct personalities.

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Asian Guys and Sex

It’s interesting to analyze how our minds work in regards to sexuality and race.  As we have seen with sexuality, society loves to group people into binaries and categorize them based on their perceived stereotypes.  Hetersexual folk go on one end of the spectrum, gays go on the other side, and bi-sexuals are cast out because it’s too difficult to categorize them easily.  After learning about this societal impulse it was no surprize to me when I read about racial stereotypes involving Asian males, in Travis Kong’s, “Sexualizing Asian Male Bodies”. Continue reading

What does sex have to do with football?

Masculinity has ruled male sports for a long time now. This is what we expect and also is the social norm that we are familiar with. We look at sports like football and basketball as so called manly sports because of the amount of physically and masculinity that is apart of the games culture. But now days we have men who think they should be accepted into those sports were standards are set and not having these will make it hard to be accepted and a part of an organization. So are gays accepted into socially constructed sports? Does gay discrimination play a big part in our society today?

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Here Come the Gays..

Since we live in a very straight-forward, structured society where right is right and anything else is taboo, anal sex seems to be a reoccurring loop hole. From the article “Anal Sex: Phallic and Other Meanings” by Simon Hardy, we can understand how society constructs and deconstructs what types of anal sex, if any, are socially acceptable and how anal sex is used in general.

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