What’s Sex Got to do With… Uganda?

Uganda Anti-Gay Law Struck Down by Court – Aug 1, 2014


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What does sex have to do with Brittney Griner….

Brittney Griner is the world’s most famous female basketball player. She can dunk over you and do not try to get to the rim because she will block your shot being 6’8” tall. She attended Baylor University for four years at college and than got the number one draft pick with the WNBA Phoenix Mercury. After she graduated she wrote a book “In My Skin: My Life on and Off the Basketball Court”. This book reflects on painful episodes in her life that led to her signature openness.


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What’s Sex Got To Do With… Marilyn Manson?

Binaries give society a very limited and concrete image of sexuality and gender-roles.  A binary is defined as having two parts, usually at opposite ends of an imaginary spectrum.  Most people in this society like to think of gender and sexuality in two opposite forms: male and female, masculine and feminine, heterosexual and homosexual. People who do not fit one binary make society uncomfortable.  Marilyn Manson, the freaky and some say satanic rock star makes people uncomfortable because he blurs the lines of binaries and stereotypes that society creates.

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