Famous for Being Sexual

When you look at stars and what made them become so influential in the media, for most women you see a realization of sexuality. From stars like Miley Cyrus to Kim Kardashian, many popular feminine figures went through a phase in which they were overly sexual in order to gain attention. Many involved sex tapes (Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton) while others involved sexual displays (Miley Cyrus). Although they did gain attention for these acts, most of this was negative and spurred a debate on their controversial acts. When being informed of these famous people’s actions, most people find that their displays of sexuality were not socially acceptable.


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What’s Sex Got to Do With… Kim’s Butt?


The butt is a new focal point of sexual attention. In his article, Anal sex, Simon Hardy touches upon this new (or at least newly allowed to be discussed) form of sexual activity. Many factors made the action of anal sex more acceptable and prevalent. Anal sex cannot get you pregnant, making it a viable option for contraception if two people want to take part in sexual activity without having to deal with the consequences of having a child or using some sort of post-coital contraceptive. It also has an increased benefit as a variation from the typical routine of “normal” sex, which is defined as oral sex and coitus; anal sex is similar enough that it is a viable variation from the norm. These two factors and others have resulted in anal sex leaving the realm of a purely pornographic act, to an act commonly described in popular media and songs. This doesn’t mean there aren’t negative conceptions of anal sex out there, in many circles it is still seen as a perversion or a health risk. Continue reading

What’s Sex Got do With…. Nudes?

So what’s the overall deal with iCloud?

For one, it’s an apple software that allows users to store contacts, pictures, and apps. This feature also allows users, whose devices may have become lost or stolen, to safely retrieve old data. Though, in this particular case, I use the word “safely” very loosely.

Ongoing investigation reveals that group members found ways to tap into people’s iCloud, and thus, retrieve the data saved on particular iPhones. The group essentially took their technological power further, and exposed the iCloud accounts of multiple people. Nude photos quickly surfaced the web, proliferating responses on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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