The (Grande) Finale

At this point, it’s no big secret. We’ve covered enough material for us all to know how sex and society are very much related and feed off of each other in the world we live in. We’ve learned how gender norms and identities limit and sometimes alienate certain groups or factions in society. It only takes one person in a group to do something wrong for society to turn its back on the entire group.

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What’s Sex got to do with…19 Kids and Counting?

The Duggar family made their national TV debut in 2008 when 17 Kids and Counting aired on TLC. Fast forward 6 years, two more kids, and and a couple grandchildren later and the show is now 19 Kids and Counting and still airing today. But maybe not for much longer…

An article posted on November 19th from the Huffington Post reports that a new petition from, started by Jim Wissick of San Jose, CA, is calling for the cancellation of the Duggars’ series because of the families’ discriminatory feelings toward the LGBT community.

In his letter to TLC, Wissick explained that “The Duggars have been using their fame to promote discrimination, hate, and fear-mongering against gays and transgendered people.” Fear-inducing practices are a recurring pattern we’ve seen towards the LGBT community. For example in Pascoe’s essay, “‘Guys are just homophobic,’” he writes that analyzing boys’ homophobic practices as a ‘fag discourse’ shows that their behavior reflects not just a fear of same sex desire, but a specific fear of men’s same sex desire.” (NSS 177). The idea of the “predatory fag” and attaching scariness to homosexuals is something that we’ve seen as a popular but ignorant discourse. For whatever reason, scare tactics are a strategic means of discrimination because it is human nature to want to avoid things we perceive as “fearful.”

Likewise, in the documentary (A)sexual, at the pride parade we saw many people react to David and his team with fear. They were hesitant to accepting informational pamphlets about asexuality almost as if it was an illness they could contract. Again, we see ignorance and fear as a common reaction to “non-normative” sexual identities.

Furthermore, the oldest Duggar, Josh, is the executive director of the anti-gay Family Research Council’s legislative group, a Christian lobbying group, which openly opposes gay marriage and goes as far as to link pedophilia with homosexuality. This sort of illogic and unintelligence in regard to minority groups is unfortunately accepted amongst discriminatory folks. Rather than being accepting and tolerant of diversity they dismiss and demean it. For example, we saw this play out in the misconception of homosexuality as a disease or illness in some cultures of the 19th century.

I am afraid, that despite the strides the LGBT community in garnering acceptance by society, there are still many people practicing unjustified and uninformed discrimination. What’s worse is when these people are media figures, such as the Duggar family. The media is a pedagogical force that should only purport messages of equality and acceptance.

What do you think about this petition to cancel the series? Should media figures be held to higher standards when it comes to acts of discrimination? Do you think the principle of “freedom of speech” is ever exploited to justify discrimination?

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Spotlight on… BURLESQUE

Burlesque is a style of dance that’s sometimes misunderstood. From the beginning of the class, which started in late August, I was told that Burlesque is ‘pole dancing without the pole’. That’s simply not true. It’s much more than that. We aren’t like the movies. We don’t perform at some dark, smoky lounge in sequined corsets and feathered headdresses. We don’t dress in French maid costumes. We go, we dance, we have fun.  Continue reading

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers: business woman, fashion icon, comedy legend. Aside from being the poster child for plastic surgery, Joan was probably most notable for her crude and hilarious comedy. As we’ve discovered throughout the semester, there are certain aspects of society that get little to no notoriety. Some acts, such as anal sex, gay marriage, and other sexual and/or moral discourses are often swept under the rug or kept out of the spotlight. Not for Joan. In her standup comedy, she left nothing on the table. Anything and everything was fair game, often times even discussing her own (Jewish) people in jokes regarding the Holocaust. Joan, always being criticized, banned, or boycotted, showed how important comedy and laughing can be. “Life is tough. If you don’t laugh, it’s tough,” she once said. Throughout her legendary comedy, however, Joan not only proved to be funny, but along with her jokes, she often uncovered more real, social aspects of the culture.

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