What’s Sex Got to Do With Usher?

Usher has imparted many #1 hits unto the world. From “U Make Me Wanna” to “Confessions” to “OMG,” Usher has graced us with not only his voice, but also his softer, more emotional side. However, what happens when Usher switches gears and speaks about his relationship… with a stripper!?

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What’s Sex Got to do With…….. Being Bisexual and Nicki Minaj?

What does it mean to you when you hear the word bisexual? There could be many different claims to this; but when I hear the word bisexual I claim that this classification does not exist. I strongly believe that someone is straight, gay, or something else alone the lines. In other words when someone classifies themselves as bisexual I personally assume that they’re confused on what they really are. What does it really mean to be bisexual?

In Kristin Esterberg article, “The bisexual menace revisited,” she states that, “If we defined bisexuality as simply behavior sexual desire or activity with both men and women then we miss something important” (281). Basically one can not consider themselves as bisexual because they have a desire to be activity with both sexes. From experiences in high school I knew girls that would identify themselves as bisexual because one, they either wanted to experience sexual activities with men and women, or because they were treated badly by men and felt a women could treat them better….

In Nicki Minaj song “Anaconda” throughout the music video she is dancing with other women slapping their booties, but at the end of the music video she gives Drake (a masculine male a lap dance).

Is Nicki Minaj considered bisexual because of her actions in this video? According to Kristin Esterberg, Nicki Minaj would not be classified as bisexual because of her actions and desire she shows throughout her video, but in her song “Girls Fall Like Dominoes” she goes on and say, “I’ma need sixty-nine real bad girls for my tour bus, Somebody get security to escort us
They go the long way, but we take the short cuts, Give me the blonde hair, long weave, short cuts, You know the flow sick, came in on the small bus, So give the d-cup, c-cup, small bust, They judge me like the girls on trial, But every time that I come out it’s just girls gone wild, Got the domino effect in the front row passing out, With little bikini tops they got they x’s hanging out, Say my shoe game nuts, so I call ‘em cashews, Every other city theres another Nicki tattoo
Steal Wayne girls, I steal Drake girls, You know the real bitches love me fuck the fake girls
So if you pretty, I sign titties, I got the key to every mothafucking city.”

In Nicki Minaj lyrics and videos do you think that she is actually bisexual or is she doing this for her fans? Maybe she is doing and saying things like this because she actually is bi or maybe she’s putting on a show. Is being bisexual an identity? Does being bisexual exist, or is this a term one uses to hide what they really are? Lastly, if you believe that someone can be bisexual is it okay for men and women to be bi or is it just acceptable for women to be bi?

Sex and Power: male dominance over women

In a conceptual analysis post I looked at a song called “God Made Girls”  by a country singer named Raelynn. When looking at this post I wish I would have added on to this post and so do some of the people who commented on my blog. So I decided to continue go into more depth about this topic through this engaging assignment so I can talk more in depth about the Barber article, Sex and Power.

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comm quake

If I had to guess the number of Vanderbilt students who attended the Quake concert this past Thursday, my guess would have to be somewhere around way more than half of the student body. I mean think about it, who wouldn’t want to see Ludacris, Iggy Azalea and Jeremih performing live right here in Nashville?! However, in an attempt to of been able to sing these songs at the concert on Thursday, I started really listening to the lyrics of these songs I was about to be hearing live. And the question I ask is, has anyone actually truly listened to the lyrics to these songs? People everywhere, myself included, start to hum and sing along to these catchy songs as we stroll around with our iPods in. However, I would be willing to bet none of us have ever stopped to listen to message being portrayed by these artists now a days. While images and ideas in songs are not always degrading, much of our music industry over the past few years has built its identity on their ability to outright objectify, insult and degrade women in lyrics and modern pop culture images.

Just using the artists at Quake last Thursday as an example, each artist is guilty of producing songs that objectify women:



“She can go lower than I ever thought she could – face down – ass up

The top of your booty jiggling out your jeans, baby pull your pants up

Like it when I see you do it better than I’ve ever seen done before

A lot of, women, drop it to the ground, but how low can you go?

Lower than your mama’s ever seen it in her lifetime

…I may not wanna get low, so I’m posted up kinda like a playa do, but

if you come to the crib then I might show you girls a thang or two”


Yep…we were all so excited to hear this being sung. In today’s world the objectification of women is so frequently sung about that we almost overlook it. We get carried away by the catchy tune or the refrain that just gets engrained in our head without really realizing what’s being said. Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person merely as an instrument of sexual pleasure, making them a “sex object.” Objectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object, without regard to their personality or their dignity.

Now what about Jeremih? He’s equally as guilty as Ludacris when it comes to content of songs.  His most well-known song is a prime example. “Birthday Sex”: if the name isn’t questionable enough, wait until you hear the lyrics. This song we know all the words too, but have we ever really processed what’s being said? Why do we allow lyrics like this take over our music industry? These songs so blatantly align with the heteronormative society we live in.



“You say you want passion (I think you found it)

get ready for action (don’t be astounded)

we switching positions (you feel surrounded)

just tell me where you want your gift girl”


Not only does this song, once again, outright objectify women, but this song encourages heteronormativity and solidifies gender roles within society. This song is a perfect demonstration of the practice of the patriarchal world we live in, and conforming to societal expectations. While music is a form of self-expression, we have seen it be used to express and reinforce the inferior status of women. Women are too often seen as just a sexual object in the modern world today. Although sometimes female artists put this ideology upon themselves, why do we as listeners condone this music? Iggy Azalea is a well-known female rapper who often sings of her sexuality. From Black Widow to Fancy to Bounce to Pu$$y, Iggy is never singing of anything except sex.



“You know bitches envy me
cause you won’t get rid of me
when you cum, I run
this cat’s got you missin me
bad boys get a mouth fulla pussy
a.k.a listerne”


Songs like these make it okay to think of women only as a sexual being. When in fact, it’s not. The way in which women are so sexualized in all aspects of our culture is a serious problem. How often do you hear of men being hyper sexualized in songs or simply anything these days? Not very often… So why should women? This is a question we might never find an answer to.