Not Every “Disorder” is Created Equal

Not Every “Disorder” is Created Equal

HSDD, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder; FSD, Female Sexual Disorder – how many acronyms do we need before we understand that maybe the problem isn’t with women, but something large enough to leave 43% of women with this “disorder?” In our society, there is always a one-stop-shop, a little pill, cream, or treatment that will fix any disorder. But what if this “disorder” isn’t a disorder to begin with?


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What’s Sex Got to do with…OITNB?

Just recently, Laura Morelli, a female writer for the popular Netflix hit, Orange is the New Black came out as gay after filing for divorce from her husband of 2 years. Despite her identifying as heterosexual most of her life, it wasn’t until she was on set with multiple, intimate lesbian scenes and relationships when she questioned her sexuality.

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