Orgasm, Inc.

A large portion of sexual practice is shaped by dominant discourses. This encourages the idea that the most dominantly understood sexual practice, vaginal intercourse, includes sexual pleasures and delivers a climax or an orgasm. This thought is one of the main reasons women today feel abnormal because they feel they perform according to sexual expectations.

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The Big OH!

The orgasm. Slow building. All-encompassing. Mind shattering. It’s everything we strive for. But what happens when you cannot reach your climax? Is it disheartening? Annoying? Frustrating? What if there was a way to regain your orgasm? Would you invest in products to achieve this? Would they actually work? Continue reading

The “O”

What do we know about orgasms? Do both males and females experience them? Are they purely physiological? What social stigmas and implications do orgasms hold? …And why are they such a hot topic of discussion??? Here they appear in a medium of pop culture:


cosmo_cover pink_june-2010

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