What’s Sex Got to Do With… Significant Others?

Polyamory, what is it and who is involved? Polyamory is a different take on relationships, “in which people have multiple romantic, sexual, and/or affective partners”, according to Elizabeth Sheff. In her article Sheff describes a multitude of polyamorous couplings and styles, ranging from two women and a man in a loving relationship, to husband and wife pairs who also each have boyfriends and/or girlfriends. Sheff explores how people in the United States practice these different roles. This is a lifestyle and relationship style that is rarely portrayed as part of U.S. culture, but is a very real part.

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Polyamorous Relationships: One Size Does Not Fit All

In our heteronormative society, monogamy is most frequently seen as the only correct type of relationship to be in. Our family and friends as well as childhood movies and television teach us that we should aspire to have an exclusive relationship with someone of the opposite sex that will end in a marriage, and ultimately, happily ever after. But what if that is not enough? What if a relationship with one individual does not satisfy the emotional and physical needs of a person? Continue reading

Bigger Love

What does it mean to be non-monogamous? Are you gaining or losing power? Does your position in a relationship change? But, more importantly, what implications does your membership in the non-monogamous community have on the other communities of which you are a part?

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