What’s Sex Got to do With… Superbad?

If you asked me to describe college in three general words I would probably say Academics, Activities, and Alcohol.  I call these the three A’s of college, and although they constitute a huge aspect of many people’s college experience, I would like to focus on alcohol in particular.  More specifically I want to address the role that alcohol plays in hooking up.  I’m sure we are all aware of alcohol’s role as a social drink or “social lubricant”.  Certain students get drunk to fit in with the crowd while others use this distorted state of mind to give them the confidence pursue a hookup.  Some men also encourage girls to drink lots of alcohol so that they are more likely to want to engage in intimate activity due to their drunken state of mind.  This concept of alcohol as a sexual tool is the theme for the popular comedy, “Superbad”.

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