Proper Condom Use

What do you use condoms for?  Do you use them to prevent pregnant? Prevent STDs/STIs?  Do you ever think that condoms interfere with the pleasure of having sex?  Do they ruin the romance of sex?

Peter Chua’s article Condoms in the Global Economy help us understand condom use by focusing on the use of condom among different groups.  Especially town particular, at risk, groups, such as gay mean and young women.  Researchers have sought to understand the social factors that prevent condom use; this includes the study of the role that education and public information that is available.  With this public and private agencies can minimize unwanted pregnancies and disease (509).

Here’s an example of sex education being wanted because the adults of South Park don’t want their kids to learned about sex from the television: Continue reading

What’s Sex Got to Do With……. South Park?

What does it mean to be transgender?  According to Tauches, “transgender is an umbrella term that is used to describe a group of people who intentionally “mismatch” their sex and their gender identity” (134).  Let’s ask Eric Cartman what he thinks it means to be “transginger”…..

In this clip you can see that Principal Victoria doesn’t really know what it means to be transgender as she says that since Cartman want to be a girl that he must be attracted to boys.  This also ties into how heteronormativity, or the view that heterosexuality is the only acceptable form of sexuality, figures prominently in American sexual culture (136).  Heterosexuality is seen as “normal” or the right ay for people to be; this is seen everyday life through the assumptions that everyone is heterosexual.

Gender varies at difference levels, such as the personal, international, and institutional level; at the personal level, society dictates what is considered normal for a person ion terms of their gender identity (135).  This includes how individuals use their hair-style, clothing, mannerisms, and their ways of talking to express the gender they choose to have.

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