Anal Sex: A Popularized Taboo

What is anal sex to you?  Is anal sex an immoral perversion of vaginal penetration or an awesome sexual fashion statement?  In “Anal Sex: Phallic and Other Meanings”, Simon Hardy analyses the current cultural representations of anal sex and people’s opinion of it.  For the most part, Hardy keeps his opinion on anal sex neutral, and instead analyses the diverse categorizations of anal sex that people create.  For this post I will analyze the implications of anal sex as seen in Hardy’s piece and offer my own opinion on the morality and practicality of this sexual practice.   Continue reading

Why Don’t We Talk?

American culture is almost a paradox in the way that culture and media are so saturated with images of sex, and yet sex and sexuality are practically taboos. Many parents and adults labor under the delusion that if they don’t talk about or teach kids about sex, that they will not have any ideas about doing it. The documentary, Let’s Talk About Sex, exhibits how in some European cultures, sex is so much more easily talked about between parents and kids, as well as between kids. The society is much more accepting of teenagers’ sexuality, and their likeliness to engage in sexual behavior. This sort of openness is what American society should strive for. Continue reading