What’s Sex Got to Do with…the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

The Victorias Secret Fashion show has existed since 1995 and is an annual fashion show sponsored by Victorias Secret. The show features Victoria’s Secret apparel and it’s models. Most of us in this nation and even the world have heard of this annual fashion show and some even wait all year to watch it on television. The show features different performers and new customized lingerie each year. Aside from the appreciation or interest in the “clothing” displayed in the show, many watch simply to witness the physique of the models sporting this lingerie. These models are extremely well-known and idolized in our society and country. Images of these models are everywhere on social media especially as the date of the show gets closer.

Aside from the show that exhibits elaborate and extremely expensive lingerie, the show sends a questionable message to all its viewers with these models that the show features. A typical model for Victoria’s Secret has a height of 5’10 and weight of 121 pounds. This height to weight ratio is considered one that is far below average and indicates an eating disorder. By simply seeing these models on television, you can tell how thin they are. However, as a society we declare this type of body image as “perfect” and the ideal. This is a dangerous message to send to not only young females watching the show but all people that are exposed to it. This show relates to the idea of the male gaze as we perceive this type of stick-thin body as pleasing to males. It also sends a message that wearing very little clothing in a public setting is acceptable and for the purpose of appealing to others.

The models in this show are idolized and contribute to concepts we discussed in class such as the male gaze and objectification of women as they are “put on display” for the world to see exposed in skimpy outfits. 

What’s Sex got to do with….The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?

It’s that time of year again! While most people and families are celebrating all the gifts that we are fortunate to have in our life, gathering around beautifully garnished tables or decorating Christmas trees, much of our nation will be tuning in to watch scantily clad woman on the catwalk. Yep, that’s right! It’s almost time for Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show.

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