What’s Sex Got To Do With… Social Media

IMG_4911Today, social media is a relatively new phenomenon, that, to me, has become a new extension of the social institution of media. A social institution is a faction within society that informs the ways in which we are supposed to perform our social selves. More specifically, they have a huge impact on informing gender roles, sex, and sexuality; whether through punishments in institutions such as the family (mommy punishing you because as a boy you wanted to play with GI Jane instead GI Joe), the reinforcement of hetero-normative images the media continually perpetuates, or the repetition of phrases such as “that’s so gay” that is abundantly seen on social media, which teaches and reinforces homophobia. Social Media is a forum in which it gives people what Dennis D. Waskul would call “The Freedom To”, or in this case, the feeling of a greater inclination to truthfully express oneself because of the false sense of anonymity one gains from sitting behind a computer.  

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