What does sex have to do with the locker room?



the floor and guys tend to say things that they wouldn’t say out in public. The locker room is just like Vegas – what’s said in the locker room, stays in the locker room. The typical locker room conversation is usually about women. The conversation could go from rating them to putting them in categories. Women are looked at as objects when men are in the locker room. Why do men look at women as material things? Is it a way of proving their manhood? I have a hard time believing that women do not do the same when they are together. I believe that women have the same types of conversations that men have but just about men. So who is wrong in this picture?





The difference between a male locker room and a female locker room is gender. Males tend to have conversation that hit on all types of topics including women. The typical conversation usually consists of judging what women look like and who had sex with the most girls. I have always wondered why females were the main topic in the locker room. Is that a way of showing your masculinity and showing that you are not gay? Society has a way of shaping the conversation in the locker room. You are not considered normal if you don’t have anything to say or if you are not talking at all in a male locker room. My question is this: what about the female locker room? Are the standards the same for female locker rooms? Is it normal to have conversations about men? In my opinion, female and male locker rooms are pretty much the same when it comes to conversations about the opposite sex. I think women’s topics are the same topics as men. I believe that they judge and rate men just like men do with women. This is the social norm and I find it hard to believe that it will stop. This social norm of both locker rooms is a way of bonding and building relationships with each other. This is the reason why I think conversations about the opposite sex are so constant.

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