Shondaland: A Fantasy of Interracial Coupling

In Kumiko Nemoto’s article, Interracial Romance: The Logic of Acceptance and Domination, we learn how the idea of racial mixing represents an ideal of integration while it denotes whiteness as a sign of normalcy. In fact, 92 percent of all interracial relationships include White partners, and this statistic is reflected in popular culture through hypersexualized racial images that reinforce the theme of White normalcy and the exoticization of people of color.

The article poses the idea that interracial relationships in American society (especially when shown on television) give the false impression that race is no longer an issue for us; but crossing the color line does not equate to progressiveness, instead, in many cases, it illustrates larger issues of domination.

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What’s Sex Got To Do With….Grey’s Anatomy?

To any avid Grey’s Anatomy follower, or even those who’ve caught a glimpse of an episode or two, there’s no secret that the drama consumes itself in sex. Doctors and Nurses freely hook up with colleagues and, under some cases, patients.

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