What’s Sex Got to Do With Usher?

Usher has imparted many #1 hits unto the world. From “U Make Me Wanna” to “Confessions” to “OMG,” Usher has graced us with not only his voice, but also his softer, more emotional side. However, what happens when Usher switches gears and speaks about his relationship… with a stripper!?

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What’s Sex Got to do with … Kim Kardashian

To many people, sex has everything to do with Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian rose to fame after her sex tape Continue reading

What’s Sex Got to do With….The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


Every year, young girls and women from all over the country wait in anticipation all Fall for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to come around. This year it took place on Tuesday December 2nd and will air on television on December 9th. The infamous fashion show is filled with ridiculous outfits, crazy runway walks, concert performances, and stick thin models. Each model has a perfect body that is extremely skinny yet curvy, pretty hair, flawless skin—realistic right? This fashion show, while it may be fun to watch, also puts the wrong idea into the minds of young girls and women throughout the country.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lexington Armory, New York, America - 07 Nov 2012

While the fashion show is extremely entertaining—not to mention that it is filled with beautiful women, it is extremely demoralizing to women. Not only is it demoralizing, but it also most definitely objectifies women and sexualizes them. It shows women all over the world, and especially young girls, that body image and appearance is all that is important for females. It does not matter if you are an intellectual—what matters is what you look like. The fashion show reinforces the widely speculated idea that men only care about the way a girl looks, but not about her personality, intelligence, or interests. Young girls already are constantly reminded of this everyday through billboards, magazines, television shows (etc…) and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show comes around to prove that this point is true. We live in a world that currently sexualizes women ALL the time. There is a stigma in current day society that all a girl is good for are her looks. Women are constantly being sexually objectified in advertisements for clothing, perfume, or even for food. This sexualization of women in the media is a huge reason why young girls commonly develop body image issues, eating disorders, and distorted views of themselves. As a societal community we need to change this ideal and show women everywhere that looks are not all that matter—or the only thing that will get you places in life.



Sex as a Part of Global Economies and Transnational Relations

Our book defines globalization as “the idea that the world seems as if it is getting smaller.” With globalization, we see a convergence of ideas, products, services, and programs transnationally.  Growing modes of technology and transportation contribute to these exchanges and the growth of international economical markets.  The book also defines transnational as “extending beyond the boundaries beyond the nation.”  We have seen the ways in which ideologies have crossed boundaries and been exchanged transnationally, and ideologies regarding sexual identities and gender expression are no exception.  With growing globalization and transnational exchanges, we see an emergence of Western imperialism in the ways that the global north (i.e. westernized powerful countries) imposes standards and ideals upon the global south (i.e. third world developing countries).  Whether physical bodies are moving from place to place and contributing to the movement of ideas about sexual performances or behaviors, or standards of beauty and media portrayals are being transferred from country to country, we see sexuality begin exchanged on the economic of a constantly changing world.  Peter Chua’s piece “Condoms in the Global Economy” gives us a clearer picture of the ways in which sex is exchanged as a commodity and ideals, values, and goods that revolve around ideas about sex are exchanged on a very large scale.  Continue reading